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Hundreds of scientists urge Trump to withdraw from U.N. climate-change agency

The Washington Times has a story on the letter which Dr. Richard Lindzen sent to the Trump White House. Story is here: MIT’s Richard Lindzen says policies cause economic harm with ‘no environmental benefits’

Letter to Trump is here.

The petition is signed by 300 scientists. This is a real number unlike the phony “97% […]

Woman Senator Removed From Floor While Speaking

Remember when Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was censured on the floor of the US Senate for breaking the rules? Remember how it was a big story and the MSM spun it as a terrible thing?

Well, it’s happened again. Let’s see how it is covered this time.

State Senator Janet Nguyen (R-SD34) escorted from Senate […]

Great story about Boston Bruins draft pick Anders Bjork

Sunday Brunch: Mr. B and Room 208

We were in the middle of math class, so I gathered up a group of kids and asked Anders if he minded working in the hall with them. He readily agreed, and off they went. It wasn’t until math was almost over that I realized that his […]

She Was Warned. She Was Given An Explanation. Nevertheless She Persisted.

Green Hypocrites

Protestors destroy pristine ND environment to protest low probability that the environment will be damaged in future

— Mark J. Perry (@Mark_J_Perry) February 9, 2017

State of the Union: Marco Rubio Nails It

Senator Rubio (R-FL), as part of the debate regarding the Rule XIX violation by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), opined on the current state of political debate in general.

TBF he did not excuse his own behavior in some cases where he went over the line as noted by the Miami Herald:

Amid the debate, […]

Patriot’s Matt Patricia Wears Goodell TShirt, Inadvertently Supports Crude Barstool Website

Patriot’s defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was pictured wearing a Goodell Clown tshirt while deplaning upon the team’s return to Boston following their win on Sunday.

Kind of surprised that anyone connected with the Patriots would “support” Barstool or David Portnoy. We can only guess that Patricia doesn’t know, or remember, the history between the […]

Hollywood Halfwits: Sarah Silverman calls for U.S. military coup

Another loony leftie is calling for resistance to the free and fair election which Donald Trump won.


— Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) February 2, 2017