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1  Source (S-141377006)
2 (SEE; Book)- The MacLeods of Prince Edward Island- The MacLeod family was written about at length since many of the family members had distinguished themselves in their community and country. The above book is on microfilm (LDS Church). When George MacLeod married Elizabeth Graham, the family disowned him. The dispute may have been over religious differences, which was not uncommon at that time.George and Elizabeth had 15 children, most of whom emigrated to the U.S., and settled in Maine.
MacLeod, George (P1007)
3 Accident/ Fall from a Horse Dunn, William Andrew (P743)
4 Accident/ felled by a tree/ fx. skull Harlow, Thomas (P1168)
5 Acute Appendicitis- Age 26 King, Carrol Francis (P1247)
6 Acute Coronary Insufficiency- Thrombosis MacLeod, James Thomas (P1010)
7 Addie MacLeod, Barbara Adeline (P856)
8 Alcohol Degeneration/at age 35. Hudson, Henry Wesley (P1107)
9 Amyloidosis/Pulmonary Dunn, Richard Arthur (P735)
10 Archibald Graham was born in 1840 in Cavendish, Prince Edward, Canada, one of 12 children of John Graham and Mary Melinda (Bernard). (See Will- John Graham-1850). In 1864 Archibald married Jeanette(Janet) Laird. The couple had 12 Children, eight of whom lived into adulthood. In 1892 the family emigrated to the U.S.- settling in the Central Square of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Janet was active in the community "nursing ", Archibald was a carpenter by trade, and worked with his brother William (carpenter) and his nephew Archibald Bruce Graham, (plumber).The grown children married and lived close by- except for Alexander and Edith, who returned to Canada. Janetta(Nettie), never married and lived with her parents until their deaths. She then lived with a sister(and her family) until she died in 1952.It is not known where or when Archibald died(probably in 1900) as a death certificate has not been found as yet. Janet died in 1924 and was residing on Pearl Terrace at that time. Alexander,s death certificate has also not been found. Edith died in Nova Scotia and had one son by a second marraige. Janet,s family(SEE Alexander Laird) was noteable in Prince Edward Island, and several books have been
written about her brother David Laird(SEE Laird of the West-BOOK).A great grandson of Archibald and Janet has been very sucessful, inventing a computer that color codes paint(COLOR EYE)-Donald Robert Hall.The great grandchildren are scattered over the U.S. and have not been found at this writing. 
Graham, Archibald (P219)
11 Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Stroute, Rosannah A. (P133)
12 Bronchcpneumonia/ in crib Abrew, Jean Marie (P22)
13 Bronchial Pneumonia Thompson, Jennie (P1326)
14 Broncho Pneumonia-Fx. Skull (fell at Home) Murphy, Lettie Jane (P1073)
15 Broncho- Pneumonia> Sudden Death Wickett, Madeline Hazel (P1318)
16 Broncho-Pneumonia Lee, Gerald Roger (P1203)
17 Bronchogenic Carcinoma Graham, Esther Bell (P820)
18 Buried at St. Marks Anglican, Springbrook, PEI Bernard, Mary Melinda (P215)
19 Cambridge Cemetery Fonseca, Henry (P370)
20 Cambridge Cemetery Fonseca, Francis (P821)
21 Cancer Graham, Janetta (P912)
22 Cancer-Mets - Toxemia Gillespie, Ewen C. (P839)
23 Cancer-Mouth,neck,lungs and liver(Mets) Thompson, Ernest Putnam (P1321)
24 Cardiac Arrest/ Carcinoma/ Nasopharynx - Age 71 Graham, Harry Leslie (P591)
25 Cardiac Arrest/ Cerebrovascular Accident. Age 82 Graham, Marion Frances (P652)
26 Cerebral Hemmorhage- Age 81 Laird, Janet (P872)
27 Ch. Hospital Dunn, Anna Veronica MRS. (P664)
28 Charlotte was the 11th child of John and Mary Melinda Graham. Charlotte was unmarried when she gave birth to a daughter, Charlotte Ann in 1865 .
John provided L3 Annually for Charlotte and her child in his will.(See will-April 1850). Charlotte and the child were cared for by siblings with whom they resided.It is doubtful that Charlotte ever married , since she would have been considered unsuitable after the birth of the child. 
Graham, Charlotte (P220)
29 Chronic Myocarditis - Age 26 Graham, Esther Bell (P648)
30 Chronic Nephritis Graham, Jane (P224)
31 Cong. Heart Failure- ASHD MacLeod, Edmond Hardy (P1009)
32 Congenital Atelactesis McLeod, Edmond Francis (P1339)
33 Congestive Heart Failure-Age 74 Graham, Helen Grace (P651)
34 Congestive Heart Failure/ Diabetes Dunn, Ann Veronica (P675)
35 Coronary Thrombosis - Age- 71 Graham, Frederick Thomas (P649)
36 Coronary Thrombosis- Age 80 Graham, Harry Elton (P647)
37 Died of burns and suffocation with mother Ramsey, Travis Morgan (P525)
38 Diptheria Dunn, Margaret Frances (P678)
39 Drowned at Sea \ U.S.S.Seattle- Coast of France Dunn, John Joseph (P677)
40 Electrocuted on the job/Cambridge Electric Co. Crowley, Robert Gordon (P542)
41 Epilepsy Fonseca, Phineas (P369)
42 Fx. Skull Dunn, Thomas Joseph (P736)
43 Heart Attack Heckbert, Vancell John Graham (P1094)
44 Heart Attack Heckbert, Wendell Jerry Everett (P1095)
45 Hepatic Coma/ Perf. Gastric Ulcer- Hernia. Age 53 Hanlin, Albert William (P1096)
46 Hypertensive Heart Disease - Age 61 Graham, Jeannette Mildred (P260)
47 Hypertensive Heart Disease - Age 79 Dingwell, Gladys Geneva (P646)
48 Hypertensive Heart Disease- Age 50 Graham, Charles Francis (P534)
49 Influenza Wickett, Elizabeth Jane (P1315)
50 Internal Hemorrhage(from Navel) Thompson, Fred A. (P1324)

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