The people and entities listed below are not satisfied with expressing their own opinion.  They have called for a boycott of the NRA in general and also threatened other entities if they won’t agree to boycott also.  Twitter hashtag for the boycott is #BoycottNRA

They have a right to their opinion.  I have a right to decide I don’t want to fund their anti-American political agenda.

They don’t want a public debate.  They are calling for the NRA to be silenced.  Multiple calls for Amazon, Google Play, Roku, etc. to remove NRATV from their platforms.

Chicago Boyz blogged about boycotting the boycotters on February 23.




David Beard                      beardwrites.com                                 @dabeard

Kurt Eichenwald                 kurteichenwald.com                           @kurteichenwald

Stephen King                     stephenking.com                                @stephenking

Warren Leight                    warrenleight.com                               @warrenleighttv

John Pavlovitz                    johnpavlovitz.com/                             @johnpavlovitz

Ben Stein                            mrbenstein.com

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Enterprise Car Rental          enterprise.com                                        @Enterprise

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Scott Dworkin                        democraticcoalition.org/                              @funder

William LeGate                       addme.fun/legate                                        @williamlegate

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PoliticsVideoChannel             politicsvideochannel.com/                               @politvidchannel

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Darius Marder                        http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2942187/          @darisumarder



Daily Kos                               dailykos.com                                                    @dailykos

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