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The people and entities listed below are not satisfied with expressing their own opinion. They have called for a boycott of the NRA in general and also threatened other entities if they won’t agree to boycott also. Twitter hashtag for the boycott is #BoycottNRA

They have a right to their opinion. I have a […]


It’s odd that so many climate alarmists shut down discussion unless their opinions are accepted without reservation. Paul Driessen writes about it.

Question or challenge climate crisis orthodoxy, however, and you will be vilified and face RICO prosecutions, bogus slander and SLAPP lawsuits, censure or expulsion from your university, attacks for sponsoring museum exhibits, or […]

Bill Belichick Was Right In l’Affaire Butler

Multiple reports are appearing that Butler was not on the team plane from New England to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis because of an illness. Showing up a day late also meant he missed a day of practice. Then he also had a “rough” week of practice once he did get on the field […]