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The people and entities listed below are not satisfied with expressing their own opinion. They have called for a boycott of the NRA in general and also threatened other entities if they won’t agree to boycott also. Twitter hashtag for the boycott is #BoycottNRA

They have a right to their opinion. I have a […]


It’s odd that so many climate alarmists shut down discussion unless their opinions are accepted without reservation. Paul Driessen writes about it.

Question or challenge climate crisis orthodoxy, however, and you will be vilified and face RICO prosecutions, bogus slander and SLAPP lawsuits, censure or expulsion from your university, attacks for sponsoring museum exhibits, or […]

Donald Trump is as irritating as your Ex

You know how it was at the end of that relationship when everything your SO did was wrong? Closing doors too loud, or leaving them open. Breathing too loud and walking too heavy.


That’s where the MSM is with President Trump. He is making Barbra Streisand gain weight. He lets his staff put their […]

Hundreds of scientists urge Trump to withdraw from U.N. climate-change agency

The Washington Times has a story on the letter which Dr. Richard Lindzen sent to the Trump White House. Story is here: MIT’s Richard Lindzen says policies cause economic harm with ‘no environmental benefits’

Letter to Trump is here.

The petition is signed by 300 scientists. This is a real number unlike the phony “97% […]

Woman Senator Removed From Floor While Speaking

Remember when Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was censured on the floor of the US Senate for breaking the rules? Remember how it was a big story and the MSM spun it as a terrible thing?

Well, it’s happened again. Let’s see how it is covered this time.

State Senator Janet Nguyen (R-SD34) escorted from Senate […]

She Was Warned. She Was Given An Explanation. Nevertheless She Persisted.

State of the Union: Marco Rubio Nails It

Senator Rubio (R-FL), as part of the debate regarding the Rule XIX violation by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), opined on the current state of political debate in general.

TBF he did not excuse his own behavior in some cases where he went over the line as noted by the Miami Herald:

Amid the debate, […]